The following papers are currently accepted or conditionally accepted.

  • Accepted Papers

  • Hermes: A Real Time Hypervisor for Mobile and IoT Systems

    Neil Klingensmith, Suman Banerjee (University of Wisconsin)

  • Augmenting Self-Driving with Remote Control: Challenges and Directions

    Lei Kang, Wei Zhao, Bozhao Qi, Suman Banerjee (University of Wisconsin)

  • iTrack: Tracking Indicator LEDs on APs to Bootstrap mmWave Beam Acquisition and Steering

    Muhammad Kumail Haider, Edward W. Knightly (Rice University)

  • Adversarial Localization against Wireless Cameras

    Zhijing Li (UC Santa Barbara), Zhujun Xiao (University of Chicago); Yanzi Zhu (UC Santa Barbara); Irene Pattarachanyakul (UC Santa Barbara); Ben Y. Zhao (University of Chicago); Haitao Zheng (University of Chicago)

  • CARS: Collaborative Augmented Reality for Socialization

    Wenxiao Zhang (Hong Kong University of Science and Technology); Pan Hui (Hong Kong University of Science and Technology); Vijay Gopalakrishnan (AT&T Labs -Research); Eric Zavesky (AT&T Labs - Research); Feng Qian (Indiana University)

  • UniverSense: IoT Device Pairing Using Heterogeneous Sensing Signals

    Shijia Pan, Carlos Ruiz, Jun Han, Adeola Bannis, Patrick Tague, Hae Young Noh, Pei Zhan (Carnegie Mellon University)

  • Characterizing the Reconfiguration Latency of Image Sensor Resolution on Android Devices

    Jinhan Hu, Jianan Yang, Vraj Delhivala, Robert LiKamWa (Arizona State University)

  • VVRRM: Vehicular Vibration-based Heart RR-Interval Monitoring System

    Amelie Bonde (Carnegie Mellon University); Shijia Pan (Carnegie Mellon University); Zhenhua Jia (Rutgers University); Yanyong Zhang (Rutgers University); Hae Young Noh (Carnegie Mellon University); Pei Zhang (Carnegie Mellon University)

  • A case for temperature-driven task migration to balance energy efficiency and image quality of vision processing workloads

    Venkatesh Kodukula, Sai Bharadwaj Medapuram, Britton Jones, Robert LiKamWa (Arizona State University)

  • Unsupervised Workflow Extraction from First-Person Video of Mechanical Assembly

    Truong-An Pham, Yu Xiao (Aalto University)

  • How Mobile Apps Violate the Behavioral Policy of Advertisement Libraries?

    Feng Dong (Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications); Haoyu Wang (Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications); Li Li (University of Luxembourg); Yao Guo (Peking University); Guoai Xu (Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications); Shaodong Zhang (Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications)

  • Applications and Challenges of Real-time Mobile DNA Analysis

    Steven Y. Ko, Lauren Sassoubre, Jaroslaw Zola (University at Buffalo, The State University of New York)

  • Creating the Perfect Illusion : What will it take to Create Life-Like Virtual Reality Headsets?

    Manikanta Kotaru (Stanford University); Eduardo Cuervo (Microsoft Research); Krishna Chintalapudi (Microsoft Research)

  • HappyFeet: Recognizing and Assessing Dance on The Floor

    Abu Zaher Md Faridee, Sreenivasan Ramasamy Ramamurthy, H M Sajjad Hossain, Nirmalya Roy (University of Maryland Baltimore County)

  • Just Do It: Fast and Easy Mobilization of Spot Tasks in Web-based Enterprise Applications

    Uma Parthavi Moravapalle, Raghupathy Sivakumar (Georgia Institute of Technology)

  • Remote-Control Caching: Proxy-based URL Rewriting to Decrease Mobile Browsing Bandwidth

    Ravi Netravali (MIT); James Mickens (Harvard University)

  • Children Friendly Smart Phones: Detecting Children Users of Mobile Devices

    Xiaopeng Li (University of South Carolina); Sharaf Malebary (University of South Carolina); Xianshan Qu (University of South Carolina); Xiaoyu Ji (Zhejiang University); Yushi Cheng (Zhejiang University); Wenyuan Xu (University of South Carolina)

  • Sensibility Testbed: Automated IRB Policy Enforcement in Mobile Research Apps

    Yanyan Zhuang (University of Colorado, Colorado Springs); Albert Rafetseder (New York University); Yu Hu (New York University); Yuan Tian (University of Virginia); Justin Cappos (New York University)

  • Exploring Eye Adaptation in Head-Mounted Display for Energy Efficient Smartphone Virtual Reality

    Zhisheng Yan (Georgia State University); Feng Lin (University of Colorado Denver); Wenyao Xu (State University of New York at Buffalo)